Alfredo Romero 

Spanish Visual Artist 



Alfredo Romero was born in 1974 in Barcelona, Spain.  He is now based in Mexico.    Romero studied Fine Art,  Interior Architecture, Art History, and Graphic Design at the School of Arts Applications and Offices of Rubi, Barcelona, The School of  Design  EDRA,  Barcelona,  and  the  Technical School  of Architecture, Barcelona. Alongside his art practice, Romero has taught Interior Design, Window Dressing, and Visual Art. He served as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Culture in Veracruz, Mexico.

Alfredo Romero has experimented greatly in technique and process   over   the   years.     Currently,   he   is   focused  on expressing the ideals of restoration, conservation and transcendence.   Romero accomplishes this through  a  process  called “strappo”  which  is  used  by  anthropologists  and  conservators  to  detach paintings and murals from walls.   Romero applies this technique to the facades of urban buildings throughout Mexico,  those  that  are  decrepit  and  deteriorating,  “Trapping it,  appropriating  it,  and endowing it with transcendence and perpetuity.”

This  collection  of  work  is  called  “Vestigos de  Nuestros  Tiempos.”According  to  the  artist, “It’s aesthetics emerge from the convergence of the modern and the old, resisting a categorization within a genre, and inviting the observer to return to a not so distant past.”

Selection of Recent Prominent Awards and Exhibitions:



  • 2015 Selected at the Art Prize 2015 Art Festival in Michigan (USA).

  • 2015 Selected and finalist at the Biennial of XI Joaquín Clausell in Campeche. (Mexico)

  • 2014 Selected at the Second Veracruz Art Biennial 2014 with the object-art

"Empirical   representation of an existing fact".

  • 2014-2015 Selected at the IKUS International Art Festival Mexico.

  • 2018 Solo Exhibition “Vestiges of our Times” La Sala Art Gallery, Noche Blanca, Merida, Yucatan.

  • 2018 Solo Exhbition at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Houston Texas, George R. Brown

Convention Center.

  • 2018 Solo Exhibition at Peon Cotreras Museum, Merida Yucatan (Mexico)

  • 2017 Exhibition “My Secret Garden” in Galeria Veracruzana. (Mexico City)

  • 2015. Permanent exhibition at the Gallery "LA SALA" in Merida (Yucatán)

•    2015. Retrospective Exhibition at the Veracruz Gallery of Df.  With the collections made in the 2009-2015 trajectory in Mexico.


  • 2014. ExpoTour-2014 - "IR ES VOLVER" Traveling samples from Alfredo Romero's private   collection (Puebla, Veracruz, DF ..., Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia)

  • 2010. May 21. Exhibition of paintings "No limits, without frontiers" gallery

  • Art21estudio   Guadalajara-Mexico).

  • 2009. Painting exhibition "Private collection of Alfredo Romero" at the HG hotel, Santcugat  (Barcelona).

  • 2019 LA Art Show, Los Angels California.

  • 2019 Pinta Art Fair, Miami, FL

  • 2018 Reforma art auction, Mexico City

  • 2018 Exhibition at the Museum of the city, Merida Yucatan.

  • 2017 “Convergences” Collective Exhibition of International Artists Merida Mexico.

  • 2017 FILUX International Festival of Ligths, Merida, Mexico.

  • 2016. XI Biennial of Campeche, in the Picheta Gallery in Merida (Yucatán)

  • 2014. Second Biennial of Art Veracruz 2014, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Xalapa, Veracruz.

  • 2011. Video-altar, in collaboration with César Andrade and Carlos Zubiaur, Exhibition of   Multimedia

  • Altares, Filmarte Film Festival 2012, Carlos Fuentes Library, Xalapa, (Mexico). Selection of 


Prominent Placements in Private Collections:

  • The Invex Bank Private Collection.

  • Coca Cola Private Collection (Bepensa)

  • Museum of the City of Merida

To view a full selection of Romero's available work, please visit our Artsy page