French-Canadian Sculptor

"When I sculpt, I have the impression that I am drawing my subjects. I trace the line of a body that is unfolding, I sketch the curve of a hip, then the roundness of a breast. The thousands of sketches that I have done up till now, always in an effort to better understand human anatomy, allow me to approach the subject without constraints. The proportions emerge naturally, so I can amuse myself by deconstructing them. I open my bodies, I arch them beyond natural limits. In the same breath, I profoundly anchor yet weaken them. My subjects often emerge from the base of a tree that passes through them and reappears as wild, dense hair. The meeting between body and organic matter is intended to be a reminder of our origins. We come from the earth and we will return to it."


André Desjardins was born in 1964 in Hauterive. He studied graphic design at the Université du Québec à Montréal. In 2002, after 14 years at the helm of his own communications company, Desjardins made the decision to leave everything behind to devote himself to his true passion: painting and sculpture.


In 2008, he presented his work at the Art Expo New York, where he enjoyed unexpected success. Masterpiece Publishing, a California company that specialises in representing visual artists, took Desjardins under its wing and launched his international career. His work is now featured in many galleries, as well as public and private collections around the world.