Emmanuel Fillion

Franco-American Sculptor 


Emmanuel Fillion is a Franco-American sculptor who works primarily in bronze and marble. Fillion was born in 1966 in Soissons, France, a region rich in history and limestone quarries. 

Fillion began sculpting and carving at fifteen years old. After school, he started working as an apprentice sculptor and traveled extensively in France, renovating prestigious historical monuments, such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, the Chateau of Chambord, the Sainte Chapelle of Vincennes and numerous many jewels of the Renaissance. 

In 1994 he moved to California with the desire to move away from classicism and start his own creative practice. There, he met his first patron, the entrepreneur and philanthropist John Paul Dejoria, for whom he created many unique works, family portraits, and paintings.  

In 1997, while concurrently working on Dejoria’s estate, Fillion opened a studio in Malibu, California, where he worked on commissions for private collectors, architects, and institutions. Some commissions took him to Pietrasanta, Italy at which point he began creating in marble . 

In 2002, Fillion co-produced and hosted an educational documentary funded by the Annenberg Foundation, Through the Eyes of the Sculptor, in which he recounts the processes involved in creating a sculpture, by bringing the viewer to Pietrasanta, where Fillion also has a studio as well as connections with marble shops and foundries.  

Emmanuel Fillion's sculptures can be found in numerous private collections in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece and the United Arab Emirates where he has also been exhibited. 

Being very close to the world of dance and music, Fillion created a splendid sculpture in tribute to the great Martha Graham in 2013, which was later donated by Mr. Gregory Annenberg Weingarten to be placed in the sculpture garden of The Wallis Annenberg Performing Center in Beverly Hills, California. The Martha Graham sculpture was renamed as “Emancipation,” after it was viewed in Dubai by a group of Iranian women who saw in the sculpture the desire to free themselves from their mandatory hijab. Fillion has always encouraged the viewers to approach sculpting as a personal experience to be lived and felt. 

Amongst other recent sculptures, two beautiful works, one in bronze and one in marble, were made in 2016 for Spencer and Marlene Hays, who later donated their art collection to the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. 

Fillion’s work is inspired by movement, dance, and philosophy. He portrays the fine line between nature and the nude with an artistic nod to Japanese culture. 

Today, Fillion's work is evolving in a new direction as he frees himself from baroque influences and embraces a more fluid and powerful contemporary expression. His sculptures made in the Pietrasanta studio in Italy are deeply inspired by the beauty of the human figure posing, or in movement. They are unique and timeless pieces imbued with a profound sense of introspection and spirituality. 

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