Fidel Garcia

Mexican painter


“Art expresses the soul of humanity in our shared journey through the ages. For me, success as an artist means that I am able to live my life with creativity and joy."


Fidel Garcia believes in an art that shows the human soul in all its facets. Listed as figurative expressionism, his painting mixes figurative realism with abstract expressionism, merges the bodily with the spiritual, the physical with the metaphysical, reality with fantasy, forming his own unique style. For Garcia, each painting represents a spiritual journey.
Garcia was born in Mexico City on March 16, 1960, but lived his first years in Guadalajara before finally settling in the city of Puebla. He is a self-taught painter since the age of seven, and teacher of figurative expressionism. His first contact with art was through an Art Encyclopedia, learning about the Great Masters and trying to emulate them in his drawings. In the fifth grade of he won a first prize in painting, as a prelude to a phenomenal career. After losing his best friend in a bus accident, Garcia decided to continue developing his career as an artist for his late friend. Garcia firmly believes that, "art expresses the soul of humanity in our common journey through the ages.” As well as painting beautiful works of art, Garcia also gives back to his community by training young artists as a teacher. In the 1980’s and 1990’s Garcia’s work was primarily concerned with traditional Mexican themes. In the 2000's, it evolved to a more universal theme, shedding the regional constraints and reaching a symbiosis between the abstract and the figurative.


Featured exhibitions:


  • 1981- Guadalupana National Award, Honorary Recognition - Mexico  

  • 1993- Amparo Museum, Maestros Poblanos Collective –Puebla, Mexico

  • 1996- The 80 Artists El Triunfo I & II - Audience Award, Puebla, Mexico

  • 2001- La Casa del Alfeñique Museum– Puebla, Mexico

  • 2002- Ruiz De Luna Ceramics Museum- Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) - Spain

  • 2002-Natural History Museum– Puebla, Mexico

  • 2002-Alfredo Guati Rojo National Watercolor Museum - Mexico City  

  • 2005-Toluca-Toluca Watercolor Museum, Mexico

  • 2005-2015- His work is promoted in the American Union by the Company Masterpiece Publishing, Inc.

  • 2010- UPAEP Museum -Puebla, Mexico.

  • 2012- Watercolor Salon, First Place-Unión de Artes Plásticas A.C. Artist Quarter Puebla, Mexico

  • 2013-Palace Galleries - Municipal Palace of Puebla, Mexico

Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla. • Exhibitions with Masterpiece Publishing in the USA. • The MOCA Museum - Arkansas • The Orange County Museum of Art - California • The Museum of the Americas - Florida • The Andrews Art Museum - North Carolina • The Latino Art Museum - California  

  • 2015-The “House of the Dolls” BUAP Museum of Art-Puebla, Mexico.

  • 2014-2020- Teaching at the Atelier Fidel Garcia, in Cholula, Puebla

  • 2018- Receive the Order of the Government of the State of Puebla, to paint the portrait of Governor Antonio Gali Fayad

  • 2019- Receive the Order of the Government of the State of Puebla, to paint the portrait of Governor Melquíades Morales Flore

  • 2020- LA Art Show with Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, USA

  • International events and Art Expos in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, USA and in Shanghai, China.

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