Jessica Rimondi

Italian Painter 


Jesssica Rimondi is an Italian artist currently living in Berlin.


She graduated in mixed media fine art at the University of Westminster of London and studied at the Accademia Albertina di Torino, Italy.


Jessica elaborates upon seemingly quotidian activities in her paintings and installations, turning small moments and ordinary objects into deeper explorations of human emotions, feelings, and memories. Her work is thus conceived as a congruence between pop culture and ancestry, playing around the idea of functionality, perception and value through the use of different techniques. Gesture is at the forefront of her expressive paintings, germinating from her own photos, were common Objects and random situation photographed around visited places, sounds and processes, revealing a shift from nature to human, daily and historical. Her works are sort of microcosm questioning the value of little things that lead us wondering about them gleaned from our personal experiences.


She has an extensive international exhibition and awards history, recently, invited for “Sound Vision In Vitro” in Matera in September 2019, winner of ArtLab Munich indicted by Galerie Bejamin Eck, that will realize her Solo Exhibition in 2020, the“Highly commented price” for the CSR Travers Smith Art program(London, UK) and the fellowship for the Sacatar Foundation Residency in Brazil. Her last solo show took place at the Space Station Gallery in London and her work is represented by the Galerie Augustin, Vienna.

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