Ying Jingjing’s artwork contains powerful expressions of abstraction and the strength and sharpness of crystals. As a release of her inner emotions, the artist shares her perception of the world by mastering various mediums and approaches. There are two exclusive elements in Jingjing’s artwork. The first is traditional ink painting. The other is the portrayal of irregular vector sections of materials derived from industrial civilization (glass, stainless steel, crystal or diamond).
The former feature lies in the application of classical oriental ink painting, which is not an adopted skill, but a cultural trace etched deeply in her culture's heart. 

The latter is evidence of the artist’s current social climate, in which life is overwhelmed by the products of modern industrial civilization. This material sense of urbanization from which she could not separate herself, stimulates her senses, and inspires Ying to think about the value of existence and self-expression. There is a strong conflict between hard-edged and shiny gradient sections, and abstract ink gestures. Both techniques are skillfully organized, yet seemingly disharmonious to some extent. The resulting combination creates a new aesthetic feeling and visual experience.

Maybe due to the inspiration of her name, the artist has a special preference for crystals. When it comes to composition, her artwork pays special attention to the crystal’s structure, portraying whole crystals for an active focus, and using abstract crystal sections to outline the frame. In her paintings, sharp, hard and pure crystals have an impressive contrast with the blurred and soft feeling of ink painting. The purity of crystals always endows her artwork a beam of light that seems to come from her soul.