American Sculptor 


Jon Seeman was born in Laguna Beach, California, USA in the early 1950’s. From a young age he was fascinated by creation.  As part of an artistic family of inventors, engineers, and artists, he felt he had art in his DNA.  Seeman completed his first steel sculpture at the age of fifteen.  In his early twenties he relocated from his small Californian artist community to Manhattan, NY to become immersed in a major art center. He searched for his voice by experimenting with different art media.  The first medias in which he worked were not adequately satisfying.  He desired a more challenging, hands on approach to creating three-dimensional pieces. That is when sculpting became an urge. Seeman apprenticed with several artisans and learned necessary skills, before moving back to Laguna to start his own art studio and continue his advanced art education. The goal was to become an artist with an unprecedented aesthetic. 


Seeman has been most inspired by early abstract modern art. He finds the structural integrity of steel gives him the ability to support the balance and feeling of suspension expressed in his drawings. He uses innovative techniques to join his engaging forms with nearly invisible connections, creating sculptures inspired by the dynamic interaction between geometric elements.  This creates an effect that challenges the very principals of gravity: “I design without regard to gravity which in turn provides me with the welcome challenges of fabrication.” Seeman constantly invents innovative construction techniques that allow him to exert forms in play with implied motion and suspension. 


Along with the ever-growing demand of collectors worldwide, multiple cities and corporations have commissioned Seeman to design, engineer and create high visibility public sculptures. He continuously challenges himself push further into the creative process.  Seeman is now entering a new chapter of artistic output, presenting masterpieces with luxury car brand automotive finishes. 


Jon Seeman’s public work can be found in: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lyon Properties, Ventura West Developers, various public spaces in Pleasanton, CA, Riverside, CA, and Laguna Beach, CA, Irvine Valley College, Ford Properties, Concordia University, Pacific Development Group, The Marriott Hotel, California State University, Thoreau Institute, and KingWord Productions. 


His corporate collectors include: Forbes & Manhattan US, Mercedes Benz Corporation, The Pacific Company, RBB Architects Inc., McGillivray Freeman Films, and Petersen Publishing Company. 


Jon Seeman’s works have been published in: The Sculpture Reference Book, ArtScene, Homes & Land Orange County, Luxe, The Desert Sun, H Magazine, Coast Magazine, Homes & Lifestyles, and The San Francisco Chronicle, and the Orange County Register

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