Larry Lewis is a master painter and sculptor, born in 1953 who has been developing his art for over 45 years, coming from an art director background and developing into an accomplished and renowned artist.  Lewis was born in California and raised in a strict environment.  He felt constrained and frustrated by the perception of the world that he was offered, and the arts enabled him to explore the limitless world for which he thirsted.  This continues to be his ultimate motivation. 

He has traveled the world as a nomad, with the characteristic instability typical of an artist.  Lewis is inspired by the countries in which he has lived: USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Australia.  He has cultivated a cultural knowledge that is widespread, representing the philosophy that inspires him to create.  Each of his works contains layers of symbolism and philosophy. Lewis’ work has much more than aesthetic value; he has the intimate intuition of the artist’s eye and mind.

Lewis has attained a variety of recognition and continues to renew his creations to the next level.  He has been and continues to be exhibited all over the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, UK, …  His artwork can be found in prominent museums such as the de Young Museum in San Francisco, Hot Springs Museum of Contemporary Art, The Coral Springs Museum of Art, The Evansville Museum of Art, as well as many important personal and corporate collections around the world.  His work was recently shown at Aqua Art Miami 2017 and Los Angeles Art Show 2018.