French Conceptual Photographer


French artist Maïlo is a former architectural designer. In the last few decades, she has traveled each continent a camera in one hand in search of powerful images that testifies the diversity of each country and civilization that compose our planet. She is inspired by the mission of being the memory of all the fast changes in the world: the people and the habitats that compose it, the urbanization of the landscapes and the internalization of cultures.


When the artist travels, she absorbs what surrounds her: the population, the nature, the architecture, the substance and above all, the light. Then begins the photographic work; the purpose of which consists in capturing what her eyes see. As a witness with her camera, she seeks for contrasts: the grand, the miniature; the landscape, the urbanity; the busy, the quiet; the far, the close; the pure, the obscure. Each photo she takes can become a piece of a puzzle that she will later insert into an impressive new image.


When she returns to her studio, she lets herself be seduced by a slide. She looks at the picture and absorbs it until her imagination starts telling her a story. The dream takes her away a little further into this new voyage, while the final assembly becomes visible. She puts together different images from different journeys to create a remarkable fictional imagery. The creation of these montages enables a dream; it lets her invent a new story that can surprise her. It is her expeditions to far territories such as Australia, India, China, Ethiopia, Himalayas, Iran, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mongolia that most mark her creations, allowing the viewer to travel and make the story of their own.


Maïlo’s work has been shown and continues to be shown all over the world in prominent exhibitions, art fairs and publications from Europe to Asia to America: LA Art Show, Shanghai Art Fair, China Art Fair, SIAC, GMAC, Peninsula Art Museum, and many more. Her body of work, artistic and philosophical approaches are the reflection of our era and the multiple generations that we are part of within today’s globalization. Our diversity unites us as all different and unique where one image reflects on our own interpretation. This is the strength in Maïlo’s artworks and why she finds echo all over the world and within each individual.


Maïlo's photomontage was featured on the cover of the December 2017 art issue of "Modern Luxury Miami Magazine".  Her work was shown at Aqua Art Miami 2017 and Los Angeles Art Show 2018. 

To view a full selection of Maïlo's available work, please visit our Artsy page.