Memorias Desprendidas | Deconstructed Memories

by Alfredo Romero

Opening Saturday February 27th until

March 24th 2021

Simard Bilodeau Contemporary presents the exhibition MEMORIAS DESPRENDIDAS - DECONSTRUCTED MEMORIES - by ALFREDO ROMERO, opening Saturday, February 27th until March 24th, 2021, at their Downtown Los Angeles location.


It is Romero’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.   The Spanish, Mexico based artist, continues to explore the theme of “Vestiges of our Times”.   His works represent an artistic intervention that investigates the Mexican urban discourse that took place on the facades of the buildings between the 1950’s and 1990’s. 

Corona y mas (1).jpg

Lo Que La Calle Esconde, Alfredo Romero, Strappo, Mixed Media and Gold Leaf on Canvas, 31" x 22"

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In the different cities he researches, with the strappo technique he developed, he extracts these vestiges that narrate key moments of the passing of life and eras, leaving a trace for the future. The artist explores the cultural memory, and in his own way, fore keeps it in creating artworks that serve as bridges between then and now, between history and contemporary.  On each artwork, he adds is own mark as a current intervention onto the piece.


Memorias Desprendidas is an incursion into the history and culture of the streets of Mexico.  The exhibition presents 17 artworks that translates the construction of the identity of the street culture of his country of adoption. 

Me Copias, Alfredo Romero, Strappo and Mixed Media on Cotton Canvas, 47" x 47"



Alfredo Romero was born in 1974 in Barcelona, Spain.  He now lives and works in Mexico.  Romero studied fine art, architecture, design and art history in Barcelona, Spain.  Over the years, he has experimented with different techniques, mediums and processes, such as paint, found objects, strappo, gold leaf, wood and metal. The artist has a keen interest in translating traces of history in relation with the present and future time.  His creativity is linked to the human imprint in the Universe. In the last few years, he has given part of his time to a project that he is passionate about, an archeological project to safe keep the culture of the street of Mexico “Vestiges of Our Times”.

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Sunshine, Alfredo Romero, Strappo, Mixed Media and Gold Leaf on Cotton Canvas, 22" x 55"

So far, his work has been exhibited in Mexico, Spain, England, and the United States.  Romero’s art pieces are also part of important art collections and museums, such as Museo Nacional de México; Museo de Antropología Cuauhnahuac; Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey; Museo de Merida; Colección de la Secretaria de Hacienda del Gobierno de Mexico; Colección Bepensa Coca Cola Company; Colección Banco de Inversión Invex, and more.   Alfredo Romero has also been the subject of four documentaries, featured in many publications, and several articles.  

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Coca Cola Green, Alfredo Romero, Strappo, Mixed Media and Gold Leaf on Cotton Canvas, 45" x 56"

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Urban Mexico, Alfredo Romero, Strappo and Mixed Media on Cotton Canvas, 67" x 67"

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