ESCAPING Emma Larsson and Steen Ipsen

Wednesday Dec 2nd,
on view until Dec 18th, 2020

Simard Bilodeau Contemporary is excited to present the exhibition ESCAPING, opening December 2nd until the 18th, at their Downtown Los Angeles location.

Both artists LARSSON and IPSEN create artworks that illustrate organic shapes and forms. Between the two, a dialogue rooted from nature’s elements is conducted. In Larsson’s artworks, there are organic floral and faunal abstract expressions. As for Ipsen’s, the use of spheres and cords intertwined represented in different sizes and connected to one another, can recall geometric systems, organic growth and crystallization.

A sense of freedom and joy resonate between the two Northern Europeans’ artworks. They offer a pure illustration of nature’s universality. Exploring the collection of watercolor paintings and glazed ceramic sculptures suggests a dreamlike experience. Without formalism or convention, ESCAPING is the contemplation of nature’s themes and patterns in an abstract and geometrical artistic language.

This exhibition is an invitation to be immersed into a world of primitive colors, shapes and forms with the purpose of offering a moment of liberty and pleasure for the mind and the spirit; an escape, a moment to dream and to let go.

EMMA LARSSON, multidisciplinary Swedish artist

Born in 1977, since her teenage years, Emma Larsson has had her own art studio. Even though she studied art, as she did not do higher art education, she considers herself self-taught. She dedicates herself to the creation of her Art full time. Emma is also known as @zebrakadebra on Instagram, with a large following over 120K.

“I’m a tireless explorer. If I become too comfortable and feel I know too much of a subject, I get bored. What I am constantly seeking for, needs to be unknown to me. Creating my art is about playing and exploring freely. If I am asked to describe my work, I can only come up with words such as: liquid, energy, shapes, rhythms, playful, nature’s wonders, curiosity, contemplation, poetry, freedom, meaning, longing, intuition.”

Larsson’s watercolors, paintings, collages and sculptures are in constant flow. She describes her creative process as the synergy between the artist, the material and an unknown presence, that she calls “force”. She does not have an analytic personality. Emma’s paintings are purely intuitive, they source from pleasure and freedom. She starts with a blank paper and follow the flow. In her spare time, she walks in the virgin forests surrounding the city she lives in, Stockholm. She finds most of her inspiration in nature’s shapes, colors and patterns, leading to abstract and moving forms in her paintings.

Emma Larsson has been exhibited in Sweden, Denmark, UK, and now the USA. She has done numerous collaborations in different mediums with high-profiled brands such as H&M/COS, SOHO House London, Rahel Comey, Artpieces, ShowStudio (Nick Night and Bex Cassie), Martimore House London, Anamika Khanna and more. Larsson and her artworks have also been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, WeTransfer/WePresent, Woman’s Health Magazine USA, REVS Magazine, Chor Data Magazine USA and more.

STEEN IPSEN, Danish ceramic sculptor

Steen Ipsen is a ceramicist who was born in 1966 in Naestved, Denmark and currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ipsen graduated from the Danish School of Design in Kolding in 1990. His work does not refer to a particular tradition of sculpture, it is an idiosyncratic practice.

Ipsen's ball sculptures are faintly molecular or elemental. His combinations of clear colors, smooth, monochrome glazes, and biomorphic and scientific shapes create beautiful art pieces.
His work will commonly be influenced by geometric systems found in organic mineral growth, crystallization, and cell division. With the use of intuitive modeling by hand, Ipsen forms his sculptures. He plays with convex and concave forms, contrasting lines and colors, and smooth surfaces. The geometric cutting of forms with PVC or leather allows the shape to display movement and purity of form.
The Danish Arts Foundation describes Ipsen as, "one of the most gifted ceramic artists in Denmark." From 1996 to 2004, Ipsen was the Head of the Department of Glass and Ceramics at the Danish Design School, Copenhagen. Ipsen has been a member of the board of Danish Crafts at the Danish Ministry of Culture since 2006. In 2012 Ipsen was co-founder of Copenhagen Ceramics, an exhibition space dedicated to providing maximum artistic license to new experimental ideas and showcasing and demonstrating the high quality and great diversity of contemporary Danish ceramics as well as work by selected non-Danish artists.

He has participated in major exhibitions in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and the USA. His work is represented in major museums and private collections worldwide. These include illustrious names such as ASU-Art Museum, Arizona, Houston Airport Art Collection, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Mad Museum, Paris, the Musée Magnelli in Vallauris, France, the Museum of Art and Design in Hamburg, Germany, Icheon World Ceramic Center in Korea, Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen, and Trapholt Art Museum in Denmark. Renowned Danish private collections include the New Carlsberg Foundation and the Annie and Otto Detlefs Collection.

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