Saturno Butto

Italian Painter 



I love to mix things; sacred and profane.  Fetish and sadomasochist iconographies mean something going beyond erotic-sexual definition.


Saturno Buttò, born in Venice, Italy in 1957, studied at the prestigious liberal Fine Arts Academy in Venice.  He started his exhibition career in 1993 when he published his first monograph titled "Portrayed from Saturn: 1989-1992." Saturno Buttò’s artwork is characterized by a formal, yet supremely personal, interpretation of European sacred art and contains technical skills that are reminiscent of great masters of the European tradition.  Wood painted figurative rituals, tableaux vivants, and neo-Gothic altarpieces are the skillful creations with which Butto extracts his fascinating mysteries of an "obscure, dark religion." Butto pays special attention to precision and symmetry.  The sacredness of lines and centeredness reflect his personal spirituality and interest in iconographic Christian art as well as the baroque movement. 

In Butto's visual narrative, the human figure is presented sacred while also having physical and psychological decadence.  This concept is brilliantly illustrated by the juxtaposition between the body's innate physical sensuality and its deeper spirituality.  By portraying the conflict between eroticism and pain, transgression and rapture, Butto's paintings examine closely the strict and conflicting vision of Western religious iconography through comparisons with the human body.  The body is, on one side, exhibited like an object of cult, while simultaneously being denied its value of nascent erotic beauty.  He truly believes that his images express the spirituality and rigor that are peculiar to traditional sacred art and conceives each piece as if it was an altarpiece.  It is a fascinating tension that, above all, exalts the human figure. 



Among the distinguished collections in which the works of Buttò can be found:

  • Musée De L’erotisme in Paris, France

  • Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

  • Unique Gallery in Torino, Italy

  • Core Gallery in Napoli, Italy

  • Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome, Italy 

  • Quart Art Media in Palermo, Italy 

  • SpaziArti Art Ungallery in Milan, Italy

Recent Exhibtions:

  • “Det sorte rum” Midtjyllands Kunst Center, Denmark 2017

  • “Rosso Satruno” Galleria Hippocratica, Italy 2015

  • “In den garten pharaos” Spazio Bejaflor, Italy 2015

  • “Saturno Butto” Spazio Enorologeria, Italy 2015

  • “Pittura tra peccato e redenzione” Galleria L’Ottangono, Italy 2015

  • “The Dark Mirror” Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo 2013

  • “The Mad Hatters” Flower Pepper Gallery, California 2013

  • “BeinArt Collective” Jon Beinart Copro Gallery, California 2013

  • “The Witch Hunt” Palazzo Fogazzaro Schio, Italy 2013

  • “Those Who Dream by Day” Strychnin Gallery, Germany 2013

To view a full selection of Buttò's available work, please visit our Artsy page.