Steen Ipsen lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ipsen graduated from the Danish School of Design in Kolding in 1990.  Ipsen gathers his inspiration and reduces it to shapes, such as balls and ellipses. Once a theme, or element, is chosen, Ipsen uses his unique strategy for the design and structure, forgoing any digital technique. His work will commonly be influenced by geometric systems found in organic mineral growth, crystallization, and cell division. He plays with convex and concave forms, contrasting lines and colors, and smooth surfaces. Ipsen’s sculptures fit into art history somewhere between pop art, the organic abstractions of modernism and the whole weight of the Scandinavian design legacy. 

The Danish Arts Foundation describes Ipsen as, "one of the most gifted ceramic artists in Denmark." In 2012, Ipsen, Bente Skjøttgaard, and Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl — all active Danish ceramic artists — established and continue to direct Copenhagen Ceramics, an exhibition space dedicated to providing maximum artistic license to new experimental ideas and showcasing and demonstrating the high quality and great diversity of contemporary Danish ceramics as well as work by selected non-Danish artists. He has participated in major exhibitions in Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and the USA. His work is represented in major museums and private collections worldwide. These include illustrious names such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Musée Magnelli in Vallauris, France, the Museum of Art and Design in Hamburg, Germany, Icheon World Ceramic Center in Korea, Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen, and Trapholt Art Museum in Denmark. Renowned Danish private collections include the New Carlsberg Foundation and the Annie and Otto Detlef Collection.