Valérie Goutard, known simply as Val was born in France in 1967, and lived her youth through adolescence shuttling between South America, Africa, Europe and France. Val came upon sculpture for the first time in 2001. Her fingers and materials guided the artist’s accomplishments ever since. Val was in tune with her inner journey, immersing herself in the observation of nature and listening to her intuition.

In 2004, Val settled in Asia and discovered the traditional craft of bronze work in the best Thai foundries. She established her workshop in Bangkok where she worked with a team who assisted her in creating her impressive sculptures. Over the years, her work has taken on monumental proportions.
In October 2016, Val tragically passed away from a road accident in Thailand.  

Val’s work has been collected globally and with great praise and acclamation. It is Simard Bilodeau Contemporary that chose in early 2016 to officially introduce her body of work to North America.  It is a privilege for both Simard and Bilodeau to offer her exceptional collection of sculptures.  Her legacy is carried in each of her artworks, forever imprinted by her talent, authenticity, and serenity.