Iranian-American Painter



Born in Teheran, Iran, in 1995, Yalda Sepahpour found her passion for art at the tender age of eight.  Once it was time to enter high school, Sepahpour’s parents sent her to study in Switzerland, in order to offer their daughter the best education possible.  At school, she was inspired by a particularly critical art teacher who pushed her further in technique and her creation process.  She received encouragement from teachers once she started painting with one continuous line.  Exploring this element allowed her to discover a new world of artistic endeavors.      


In 2015, she continued her art studies at Laguna College of Art and Design in California, where her family joined her. Sepahpour’s studies in CA allowed her to refine her technical skills in traditional painting.  She excels at and embraces technique-based realism; however, a looser approach better expresses Sepahpour’s character and values.


Throughout her body of work, Sepahpour depicts and celebrates the unique strength and inner beauty that is essentially feminine. Further, it is her personal way of honoring her understanding of feminism and the quest for equal rights. Sepahpour pays tribute to the heroic women who sacrifice their lives to improve the feminine condition around the world.


Simard Bilodeau Contemporary discovered Sepahpour’s talent in December 2016 in her studio tucked in the canyon in Laguna Beach, California.  Her work initially had a strong impact on the gallery owners who noted its unusual power.  Their intuition proved resonant when they exhibited a work of hers at the Los Angeles Art Show in January 2017. Sepahpour’s work sold within the first 30 minutes of opening night to a celebrated American artist.  Since then, her works have already been collected by prominent private and corporate collections throughout USA, Canada, Switzerland, England, France, Emirates and China; including the Fertitta Collection for The Palms Casino in Las Vegas, a Presidential home in Eastern Europe, and others.


Resume Highlights:


  • Los Angeles Art Show 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

  • Solo show, Shirzan, Simard Bilodeau Contemporary 2019

  • On Paper, group show at Simard Bilodeau Contemporary 2019

  • Art Palm Springs 2019

  • Texas Contemporary Art Fair 2018

  • Aqua Art Miami 2017

  • Art Beijing 2017

  • Shanghai Art Fair 2017

  • Private collections of several revered artists and collectors

To view all of Sepahpour's artwork, please visit our Artsy page