“My approach to art is raw and intuitive, each mark relying on a feeling and eternalizing it in mediums, bridging the gap from the brain to the heart to ultimately make us feel connected to our spirit. It’s a faith-based approach - hoping it all translates into the surface and that it somehow brings resolve, peace, and hope in the midst of chaos."

Born and raised in Brazil with strong Italian and Spanish heritage. Thai Mainhard moved to California in 2010 to study art and to establish herself later permanently with her husband and their two daughters in Los Angeles.  


Thai has been painting ever since she first started art classes at the age of 10. Art has always been an important part of her life and a way to easily express herself.  At the end of 2020, her father was hospitalized back home with severe Covid-19. These were painful and interminable moments of stress, anxiety and unbearable pain until her dad passed away a few weeks later.  The only way she found to cope with the intensity of the situation was to paint without rest. The waves of emotions were put onto the canvases.  

As much as this situation was challenging, it allowed Thai to find a more specific movement and style in her paintings, leading to the creation of her artworks as they are done today. Mainhard’s paintings are processed based. She does not envision her artworks before she starts painting. One intervention onto the canvas will lead to the next one, like a calling. Most of the time, she starts with painting shapes with black gesso with a mat finish. The following forms will be done with oil sticks, pastels, acrylic, or spray paint. She also leaves intentionally exposed canvas. Her intuitive approach is represented by loose brush strokes, subconscious mark-making and a strong choice of color combinations that express deep human emotions.


Since January, Thai has found resonance with collectors from all over the world. She is supported by the renowned platform Abstract Mag. She has been exhibited in group shows and solo shows in Europe and here in the United States in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. The demand for her artworks is high and keeps increasing.  Recently, she was exhibited at the LA Art Show.  In November, she will take part of one of the best international art fairs in the world, West Bund Art and Design in Shanghai, China.  

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