“The most honest and exciting ideas lay beneath critical thought. Creating with urgency allows ideas to establish before they’re corrupted by reason.” 

Multidisciplinary, self-taught, and always evolving, Tyler Keeton Robbins consistently maintains a heavy illustrative style that transcends his medium of choice. Growing up on the Pacific Northwest and coming of age during the 90’s, the bold shapes found in the rich art of the surrounding First Nations and the illustrated subculture of skateboarding’s second wave, left an indelible mark. With internationally exhibited works ranging from pen and paper, paintings, and murals of up scaled mark making, Robbins continues to explore the softer side of abstract symbolism, applying evocative form to diverse surfaces. He has worked closely with brands such as Starbucks, Burton, R.E.I., creating large scale prints for in-store design, textile, and hard goods. Robbins currently lives in the Okanagan Valley with his family, working out of his studio at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna BC.

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