Alfredo Romero was born in 1974 in Barcelona, Spain. He now lives and works in Mexico. Romero studied fine art, interior architecture, design and art history in Barcelona, Spain. Over the years, he has experimented with different techniques, mediums and processes, such as paint, found objects, strappo, gold leaf, wood and metal. The artist has a keen interest in translating traces of history in relation with the present and future time.

Alfredo Romero has explored greatly in technique and process over the years. Currently, he is focused on expressing the ideals of restoration, conservation and transcendence. Romero accomplishes this through a process called “strappo” which is used by anthropologists and conservators to detach paintings and murals from walls. Romero applies this technique to the facades of urban buildings throughout Mexico, those that are decrepit and deteriorating, “Trapping it, appropriating it, and endowing it with transcendence and perpetuity.”

His collection of work is called “Vestigos de Nuestros Tiempos". According to the artist, “It’s aesthetics emerge from the convergence of the modern and the old, resisting a categorization within a genre, and inviting the observer to return to a not so distant past.”
His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Spain, England, and the United States. Romero’s art pieces are also part of important art collections and museums, such as Museo Nacional de Mexico; Museo de Antropología Cuauhnahuac; Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey; Museo de Merida; Colección de la Secretaria de Hacienda del Gobierno de Mexico; Colección Bepensa Coca Cola Company; Colección Banco de Inversión Invex, and more. Alfredo Romero has also been the subject of four documentaries, featured in many publications, and several articles.  

Romero is a creator of ideas, concepts and artistical visions. Within respect to the history and the contemporary, the way the artist gives life to objects, paintings, collages, surfaces and sculptures has its own singular signature. His artworks have been exhibited in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Mexico City, Merida, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, London and others. Romero’s art pieces are also part of important art collections and museums.

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