"I paint without thinking. It's my way of releasing the images that are about to be created. When I attach the image to the paper on canvas is an important factor and the form of the day makes an impression. At the same time, the memory of the previous painting still remains in the hand / gaze and creates connections with new image solutions. What the image is about is uninteresting to me, it is up to the viewer to use the image in their own way. I like when images radiate a tangible presence. Color combinations are exciting. It amuses me to be surprised."

Maria Lundström was born in 1954 in the far north of Sweden. She lived close to nature and gradually moved south to study art at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. She currently resides in a small chapel which she converted into a studio south of Sweden. 
Over the years her work has evolved in style that are recognizable today. She is inspired by both organic and geometry elements. She uses flowing direct lines, playful abstract shapes, color combinations and elements of still-life created on to the canvas without any prior planning. 
Lundström's relationship with paint is both physical and emotional. She evokes emotions but also other senses such as taste, touch and smell. She views letters, numbers and colors as forms and sounds. She is now part of international exhibitions and has collaborated with Gorman Clothing (AU) for a collection of homewares designed from her paintings. 

Lundström has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Europe and the United States; Los Angeles, Oregon, and Denmark. During the summer of 2021, she was part of Heads Full of Poetry at Simard Bilodeau Contemporary in Los Angeles.

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