Liang Haojie (born 1991) is an emerging contemporary artist. Haojie was raised on a farm in Northern China, where, at an early age he developed strong physical skills, and did not imagine art to be in his future. As a teenager, Haojie began exploring the medium and forming his passion before getting accepted into the Fine Art University of Shanghai.  
He quickly understood that he had an exceptional, intrinsic understanding of colors. Haojie enjoys working with contrast in light and shadow, and experimenting with the gradient of colors. For his thesis, Haojie explored the effect of colors and unusual combinations, creating an impressive and thorough study.  
Haojie is keen on a meticulous painting process which includes spraying, template rubbing, and tape. The kaleidoscopic style of Haojie’s artwork reflects his observation of modern humans indulging in electronic consumption; becoming removed from material reality and placed in a virtual world. He expresses the link between spiritual light and digital light, presenting objects and forms that may seem unknown but that have an impact on the viewer. The imagery may seem unplanned but in fact, Haojie works with a planned motivation of leading the viewer’s mind toward jubilation.

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