"Throughout our career in visual arts, we have always developed our projects in relation to the sites where they will be installed. The creation of public art projects is thus directly in line with our artistic approach. We create works that are visually striking and that have various levels of interpretation."
Cooke-Sasseville is an artist duo comprised of Jean-François Cooke (b. 1974) and Pierre Sasseville (b. 1978), based in Quebec, Canada. Working together since 2000, they have presented their work in numerous solo exhibitions and have participated in events in Canada, USA, Europe and Mexico, producing an impressive corpus of sculptural and installation work. Throughout their career in visual arts, Cooke-Sasseville develops projects in relation to the sites in which they will be installed. Cooke-Sasseville creates works that are visually striking and that have various levels of interpretation.

Cooke-Sasseville demonstrate a continuous engagement with more accessible codes of Western culture. While at times playing the game of beautifying and decorating the architectural landscape, the public artworks of Cooke-Sasseville nevertheless aim to showcase the structural character of public institutions. Combining humour and popular imagery, Cooke-Sasseville’s works stand as true testimony to art’s capacity to interact with different spheres of urban life. (Anne-Marie Bouchard, Curator of modern art at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec).