Introspective is an exhibition inspired by re-birth. Following traumatic events such as the dissolution of a romantic relationship, the Woolsey Fire, and personal struggles, Emmanuel Fillion finds hope in the mythology of the rising phoenix.  This collection of work combines all of these elements into sleek, subtle, and hauntingly beautiful work made in the finest Belgian marble.


Emmanuel Fillion

On view through February 25, 2020



Simard Bilodeau Contemporary is proud to present Shirzan, the debut solo exhibition of 24-year-old, Iranian American painter, Yalda Sepahpour.


Sepahpour’s new body of work continues the fluid evolution of her meditation on female empowerment. While her themes remain consistent, this series of paintings is the first she has completed since receiving her MA, and the first to engage her complete concentration and focus. With the constraints of academia behind her, Sepahpour’s unique vision of feminism has blossomed. She steadfastly conjures imagery that blurs the line between metaphorical and historical.  The female subjects in her paintings possess physical strength, grace, independence, and beauty.  They glide across the canvas draped in robes, perhaps on their way to go to battle, or perhaps they ride to feel freedom in the wind. The horses Sepahpour presents mimic the unrestrained quality of her women.  Together, they are a formidable pair that manages to appear centuries old while represented timeless and contemporary ideas of women in power. The title of this exhibition, Shirzan, is a Persian word that translates literally to “lion woman,” and colloquially to a fierce or powerful woman, capturing both the spirit of the artist and the subjects of her work.


Yalda Sepahpour (b. 1995, Tehran, Iran, lives and works in Laguna Beach, California) holds a BFA from The Laguna College of Art and Design. Her work has been shown at The Los Angeles Art Show, Aqua Art Miami, The Shanghai Art Fair, Art Palm Springs, Art Beijing, and is part of significant private and corporate art collections in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, is pleased to present The Merry Makers, a solo exhibition by Illinois-based pop surrealist painter, Carrie Pearce.  This collection offers the viewer a peak into the fantastical mind of Pearce, who perceives reality with a childlike curiosity and finds magic in the forgotten, the strange, and the macabre. As The Merry Makers leads the viewer down a yellow brick road of sorts, he or she will be transported to world of Ina, a child for whom imagination and wonder have lifted out of tragedy, and the muse of this collection of work.

View our Artsy page to preview the exhibit. 

On Paper 

A group exhibition dedicated to showcasing the creativity and talent of our artists on a previously un-represented medium at the gallery – paper.

Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez, Carrie Pearce, Yalda Sepahpour, Julie Bell, Larry Lewis, Mark Arian, Haojie Liang, Ying Jingjing, Alfredo Romero, Maïlo, and Saturno Butto will each be showing two to five pieces of work. On Paper is a celebration of imagination, with no common theme binding these artists together. Besides the use of paper, artists choose freely between water color, charcoal, ink, et cetera.


For a preview of the show, please visit this link.


Vestiges of our Times

Simard Bilodeau Contemporary is pleased to present Vestiges of Our Times, a solo exhibition by Alfredo Romero. This collection is the culmination of many years of experimental technique, and an observance of a country in flux, Mexico.  

“The collection, Vestiges of our Times is a proposal for restoration and conservation. It´s aesthetic emerges from the convergence of the modern and the old, resisting a categorization within a genre, and inviting the observer to return to a not so distant past.” 

View our Artsy page to preview Vestiges of our Times 

We Become What We Behold 

This exhibition is rooted in Lewis’ observation of cellular technology and its impact on societal relations. In this body of work, the viewer is confronted with his or her own reflection, entranced by a screen and locked into the “current pose” of today.

Lewis questions the long-term benefits that will come from a society fixated on digital communication, offering a quote by the contemporary Canadian philosopher Marshal McLuhan which reads, “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” With the idea of technological implants offering real-time access to boundless information looming in our future, the viewer is left to wonder how harmless and mundane these images of average citizens really are.

View our Artsy page to preview We Become What We Behold 

 Shades of Reality

With a unique sensibility for color and an affinity for dopamine-producing tonal combinations, emerging painter Liang Haojie bridges the gap between the digital and spiritual realties of our modern world.


Simard Bilodeau Contemporary Shanghai presents the first solo exhibition of emerging Chinese painter, Liang Hoajie.  

Dec 5 - January 10, 2019

View our Artsy page to preview Shades of Reality.


Through the power of crystals and the purity of color.


Simard Bilodeau Contemporary Shanghai presents the first solo exhibition of emerging Chinese painter, Ying Jingjing.  

July 5 - September 5, 2018

View our Artsy page to preview Crystals.


   A  Solo Exhibition of Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez


  May 17- June 16 2018

  View our Artsy page to preview PALIMPSEST.

Through the Looking Glass

A Special Exhibition Presented at the 2018 LA Art Show

January 11-14 2018

by artist Harmonia Rosales & artist/actor Aldis Hodge

Adeela and Baingana by Harmonia Rosales and Aldis Hodge, the first two paintings in the series Through the Looking Glass were birthed from the act of cultural introspection. 

In the spirit of a social experiment, the artists encourage themselves and the viewer to engage in an inner dialogue regarding society’s perception of cultures not recognized as one’s own.  

Through the Looking Glass raises questions about the effects of our educational conduits to foreign cultures, as well as the viewer’s responsibility to pursue an accepting and socially aware perspective. 


B.I.T.C.H. (Black Imaginary to Counter Hegemony)

September 2017, Harmonia Rosales 

View our Artsy page to view B.I.T.C.H.

Monumental Sculpture Garden

Shanghai Art Fair, November 2015

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