“The Space Between You and I” is Thai Mainhard’s debut solo exhibition in Los Angeles. 

This new series of paintings translates her exploration of the grieving process, as a deeper realization of what the physical absence means. Thai also connects this reality to the challenges that the pandemic has imposed on most of us, “the space between you and I” and its significance.

She explores the emotionality of how to find inner peace without the physical presence or the touch of a loved one. Through her exploration, it becomes clear to her that the tangible physical aspect of life is only one of the many forms of existence and of relating with others. The physical absence does not have to negate the emotional and cosmic connection with others.

When looking at the big picture, it becomes clear to her that this is only temporary, as long as the heart connection is strong. Physical space/distance is separate from emotional space/distance. How much should we allow physical absence to affect us. More than ever, the physical void is less important as there are other ways to be connected or disconnected, independently of the physical aspect of things.

This acceptance process can be perceived in her paintings in the form of shapes, lines, contrasts, colors, and compositions, like an evolving vocabulary. Her abstract expression is becoming happier, livelier, and lighter. Using a variety of different media in her paintings: acrylic, black gesso, oil sticks, pastels, and spray paint, she has developed a singular character and expression.

Thai’s Brazilian cultural identity and roots are deeply marked in her works, as a celebration of life. She recognizes a deeper sense of profound beauty in the adversity as life and light is taking over. It is Thai’s sole purpose to bring joy and happiness with her artworks. “The Space Between You and I” is the realization of this process.

“The dark became darker, but then the light also became lighter.”
Thai Mainhard

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