Born in 1975, Jack Breakfast is a multimedia artist who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He started his career as a musician, playing piano. He recorded albums and performed in clubs and bars. Later in his life, Breakfast’s heart eased and opened. Being passionate about birds, he decided to fully devote himself to studying and photographing local avifauna. That is when he channeled all of his love for music into pursuing photography. 
In 2016, the Turner exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario changed his perception of life. Staring at Turner’s impressionistic yellow going into different tones of yellows pushed him to go to an art supplies store for the first time. There, he purchased papers, pigments, panels, and other art material. Since then, Jack has been painting everyday. He paints the deliquescing fragments of dreams every morning upon waking. 
Breakfast has had two solo shows in Toronto: at The Press Club and Jinks Art Factory. In 2019, his work was exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. For the first time outside Canada, Jack will be part of Odd & Imaginary, a group exhibition opening in July 2022 at Simard Bilodeau Contemporary in Los Angeles.

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